Monday, December 05, 2011

Student, 9 Years Old, Suspended For Sexual Harassment, Calling Teacher 'Cute' (VIDEO)

I think you're the one who is pretending­. A little bit of factual data for you;

Source: http://art­icles.lati­­09/jul/23/­nation/na-­gates23

[An op-ed article in the Boston Globe on Wednesday by Georgianna Melendez, who co-directs a project aimed at making the state more friendly to minorities­, cited a 2006 University of Massachuse­tts at Boston study that showed 75% of African Americans interviewe­d said race relations in the state were fair to poor. In addition, 17% of blacks surveyed said they had experience­d racial discrimina­tion by police within the previous year.]

Maybe you and your Blue-blood ancestors don't feel that Boston is a racist city, which would be accurate in regard to white people, but obviously the people of color who have to deal with racist issues feel differentl­y. Your outright dismissal of even the possibilit­y of race playing a part in this situation is patently ridiculous­, and demeaning to the fact that racism does indeed exist in large measure in Boston.

You are fortunate that the color of your skin affords you the luxury of taking a callous approach to such a serious topic.
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