Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lowe's: Come All Ye Bigots

Lowe's has shown again the ugly side of religion in America. You probably know all about the home improvement stores decision to pull adverts from TLC's "All-American Muslim", which in turn created a shit-storm of outrage at the company and the group behind getting Lowe's to decide to cancel the ads, the Florida Family Association.
I'm not surprised that this FFA would pressure a corporation to pull ads from the show. After all, as I've said many times in this blog, the Christian evangelicals are probably the most hateful, bigoted, and plain racist group of wing nuts in America today. What does surprise me a little is that Lowe's caved in to these bigoted demands.

The morons in favor of Lowe's decision posted all sorts of supportive comments to Lowe's Facebook page, which have since been removed. You can find some of these here - lowes-facebook-hell-racist-comments-pile

If you've read them, you can see what paragons of tolerance, love, and other so-called Christian values the people who posted them are. They apparently have forgotten, or never knew, that religious tolerance is a founding principle of our nation. Yep, those Founding Fathers that they like to invoke all the time were dedicated to creating a society where all are equal, not just the Christians.

Lowe's has aligned itself with the worst in our nation; ignoramuses and bigots. Lowe's has aligned itself as a corporation that believes that ALL Muslims are terrorists, and that ONLY so-called Christian values have any merit in America. Well Lowes, and the FFA, you're wrong. We're seeing a huge backlash from religious leaders of all faiths, from poltical and entertainment figures, and from ordinary Americans who do not support these bigoted beliefs, and who will boycott Lowes. 

When you align yourself with hatred, fear, and ignorance, this is what happens.

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