Thursday, December 01, 2011

Crazy Women of the GOP, Part 2
Michele Bachmann's Embassy Embarrassment

If elected, Bachmann promises that the U.S. will not have an embassy with the Klingon Empire...

Somewhere in Tehran, she thinks

Or was that Iran? Meh, Iranians, Klingons, it's all the same to her; scary swarthy skinned aliens from some foreign land that don't believe in Jesus Christ. 

So never mind that there hasn't been a U.S. embassy in Iran since just the other day in 1979!! Our little miss Bachmann Turner Off'erRocker will ensure that we do what we already did some thirty-three years ago. She's very contemporary, ain't she?

Must look normal...concentrate...relax...look normal...there, I nailed it!!

I have no doubt that this picture is the closest she's ever been to a Newsweek magazine. It's almost funny that someone who wants to be president is so ignorant on foreign policy.

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