Friday, July 03, 2009

I Return with Palin!!

"Yes, I'm whacked out of my fucking gourd!"

Yes, after many months of not making any posts here, I announce my triumphant return to blogging. And to mark this most momentous of occassions, I have my take on the wacky, strange, befuddled Sarah Palin.

The political world is abuzz with talk and conjecture about her announced resignation today. Why is she resigning? Will she run for preznit? Such good questions!

Now I'm no expert, much like the people at Fox News, but I think that what she did today was political suicide. You can't quit your job as GOVERNOR and think that you are somehow strengthening your political career in preparation for a presidential run.

I think that she's going to run off with Mark Sanford of North Carolina and go to Argentina where they will procreate biblically and ethically. There is David Letterman in Argentina to make fun of her, which is good for her. She couldn't take the mocking from the media, although she did like to dish it out as she displayed in making fun of John Kerry and his long face.

Alaska, you come out a winner in all of this. Your whack job soon to be ex governor will no longer embarrass you. Have you learned any lesson in all of this, about who you elect? Man, I hope so!

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Anonymous said...

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