Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nazi Propaganda At the RNC - Olbermann Outraged

Generally I don't like to post about something directly addressed by another blog, but in this case I have to comment. There's a great post over at Crooks and Liars about the disgusting propaganda being put forth by the Republican party. There's a bit of video well worth viewing that features Keith Olbermann expressing his anger and pain over the RNC's exploitation of 9/11/01 - remember that George W. Bush was president at the time.

The video equates 9/11/01 - Bush was president - with the Iran Hostage Crisis from 1979, the Cole bombing, and other terrorist acts against the United States. It shows visceral, bloody images of loved ones looking for their missing family members at Ground Zero, posting bloody flyers. It sends the message that 9/11/01 - Bush was president - was an act of war committed by an enemy nation, clearly implied as Iran. At the end of this propaganda, the mindless masses of semi-literate, barely sentient right wingers are chanting USA...USA...USA...USA, as if this was some sort of fucking sporting event!

This piece of propaganda would have made the Nazis proud, indeed it is so eerily similar to see the wild-eyed stares of the nationalist morons as they chant that this could be mistaken for a Berlin rally. I worry for the future of my country.

Dems React To Palin Speech: "Formidable," "Shrill And Sarcastic" (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin is nothing more than a Republican wind-up attack doll. She's attractive, young, and has the genitalia du jour between her Alaskan thighs. The words that come out of her mouth are no more impressive or meaningful than the words spoken by the toy dolls when their strings are pulled on their backs.

When she has to debate, live and without a pre-written speech, much will be learned about the intellectual capacity of this woman who went to 6 colleges in four years - none of which regarded her with any distinction or even recollection of her attending. Less than stellar, for sure.

As time goes by we will certainly see much more of the hypocrisy of the GOP revealed through the Palin unwed mother issue, the Trooper-gate issue, and the Bridge To Nowhere. How apt that we have a presidential ticket of McCain and Palin building another bridge to nowhere, metaphorically speaking of course, for the whole nation.
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Juno From Juneau: A Video Report From The RNC Floor On Palin's Problem

Do these girls, that have the "promise rings" to keep their promise to remain "pure", consider oral and anal "pure"? Seriously, because we've all heard the stories of how the backdoor is ok, and oral is ok, but vaginal intercourse is VERBOTEN! UNPURE! Man, these Republicans sure are raising some messed up children. And as we all know so well, "Abstinence Only" works SO well...
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Monday, September 01, 2008

Palin's Daughter Pregnant, Campaign Announces

Palin's daughter is pregnant maybe for the second time. Let's do the math;

5 months pregnant +

4 month old baby =

9 months

so the math adds up to suggest that Bristol COULD have had the other baby. Not out of the question.

How will this play with the evangelical fundies who espouse abstinence and marriage before babies? A child out of wedlock?! For shame! Surely the poor girl must have accidentally been impregnated while in the presence of some liberal, atheist democrats, like how Alaskan salmon spawn.

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Gestapolice State America

So it has come to this: Dozens Detained Ahead of Convention. The article from the NY Times details arrests, illegal searches, and intimidation of innocent people who may or may not have been planning to protest the RNC in St. Paul. This is NOT America anymore people! This is something out of a fascist handbook, a totalitarian police state, a Nazi government.

It has now gotten to the point in George fucking W. Bush's nation that riot police will smash down our doors and search our homes, arrest us, and detain us because they think we might be planning to engage in our Constitutional given right to peacefully protest and freely express our speech. What is this?! When will the book burnings begin? When will the gays, Jews, communists and other "undesirables" be rounded up and shipped out?

Is this the image of the Republican Party, the vision they have for America -

The people that were detained by the Gestapo/police in St. Paul had their computers taken, their homes searched, and they were detained without charge, all for doing what we are all allowed to do, at least in theory. The trampling of our Constitution continues, the erosion of our Bill of Rights continues, and the American people continue to do nothing to stop it. Awareness is key, voting for Obama is key, taking back our country from these fucking neocon fascist bastards that have fucked us and the world for these past eight years is key! Talk to people, let them know what's going on. Turn off the TV and pay attention to political matters - the Rights you save may be your own!