Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympic Stupidity, Greed and Abuse

I am not and will not be watching the Olympics. Between the forced fake political chuminess that happens every 4 years, and the inevitable political, human, and drug-related scandals that will occur, I just don't find this interesting as a sport event. What is interesting is the incredible shallowness and commercialism on display for all the world to marvel over.

One of the stupidest examples of this is the Beach Volleyball event. Women in teeny tiny bikinis play volleyball in sand. As an Olympic event. Riiiight. Now tell me, could this be a popular sport if the athletes wore shorts and shirts as they do in regular volleyball? Of course not. I think it would be interesting to see if they played in swimwear from a more chaste era -

But then there'd be no ratings, no advertisers, nothing for people to leer over and fantasize about while pretending to really care about the beauty of the game and the competitiveness of those gritty young ladies.

For that matter, why aren't all the women's Olympic events played in skimpy little bikinis? And let's not be sexist here, the men should wear skimpy little bottoms too - wouldn't that be fun to see in the boxing ring and on the basketball court?

See this is what I find so stupid about the modern Olympics; the blatant disregard for the spirit of the Games. Olympic games should be classic contests of athleticism, not merely a showcase for whatever new passing fancy is in vogue. Limit the events to track and field, swimming, gymnastics, boxing, and wrestling. Of course there'd be no one watching, but is this really so bad compared to the situation now?

We have one sport in particular - "Womens" gymnastics - where the athletes are practically forced to stunt their physical development through diuretics, laxatives, eating disorders and intimadation. The top "women" in this sport are 14-16 years old and are washed up by their late teens. Not to mention the dirty little secret of sexual abuse that is well known to happen by some of the coaches of these "women".

So we have an event that features pubescent young "women" flauncing around in tight, revealing costumes, and an event that features real women flauncing around in the sand showing their asses in tight, revealing bikinis. Is any of this really fooling anyone into thinking that people watch this as legitimate sport? Don't be surprised if in the near future we have Olympic events like the Double-ended Dildo Tug-O-War, the Stripper-Pole Vault, and Womens Synchronized Orgasm.

Friday, August 08, 2008

More Police State Terrorism

It's bad enough that we have to worry about foreign terrorists, but now we also have to worry about our own police forces smashing their way into the homes of innocent people, arresting them, and killing their dogs for no reason.

The Mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, and his wife had such a thing happen to them. The link is to an article on CNN's website. Imagine coming home and finding a package on your front step addressed to your spouse. You bring it inside, and the next thing you know armored SWAT forces are smashing through your door, shooting your pets to death, and terrorising your family - and you've done nothing illegal. This is the "Free Country" we live in, the one our forefathers went off to fight wars for, to die for, so we could live in peace and freedom. Thanks to our neo-fascist president and his followers, we have lost our freedoms and gained a police state where we can be victimized by our police who are supposed to serve and protect us.

This is going to be more and more common, unfortunately, as we continue to watch our civil liberties erode before our eyes, all in the name of liberty.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Heroic or Suicidal?

You may have read about the 11 (at least) climbers who died this week on K2 in Pakistan. Whenever a climber dies on one of these mountains, articles invariably refer to him or her as "heroic". Tell me, what's heroic about climbing a 28,000 foot mountain that will kill you if you make one mistake, or if misfortune finds you?

I find it sad and strange that we often find these foolish, egotistical thrillseekers being hailed as heroes for doing something that is in no way heroic. They are knowingly and willingly placing themselves and everyone else on the climb in mortal danger. And for what noble purpose do they risk the lives of so many? Ego. Don't try to make it into something that it's not - it's purely an ego thing. They do it so they can say that they climbed such-and-such.

There's no heroism in doing something that doesn't benefit another human being. It's incredibly selfish behavior, to put others in terrible danger so that you can join a foolish fraternity of narcissists. I feel sad for the families of the dead, to think that they have to suffer without their sons, fathers, husbands, because they put their selfish egotistical desires above the needs of their families.

The mountains will always attract fools - people that think there is some sort of glory to be found in standing at the top of a mountain. When you think about all the other things that are truly heroic, it's an insult to call one of these mountain climbers a hero because they died in a place that humans aren't capable of surviving. Save the label "hero" for people that actually save lives, not for those that throw theirs away.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Next Stop; Nazi America

Scary article in the Washington Post about how the government, almost officially calling itself Big Brother, can and is detaining personal electronics such as laptops and cellphones without any probably cause. The auspices of this extremely egregious violation of the 4th Amendment is that at border crossings, sometimes peoples laptops, cellphones, scraps of paper and video tapes have to be taken and examined for an unspecified amount of time in the interests of national security.

I cannot overstate enough that the DHS does NOT need to have any reasonable cause to take your laptop or cellphone or iPod or even scraps of paper you've written on. NONE! And they don't have to tell you when or even if you'll ever get your stuff back. AND they can copy and distribute your data as they see fit.

Does this sound at all like a government that believes in our Constitution and Bill of Rights? I sure as hell don't think so! It sounds more and more like a Nazi government, bent on destroying any civil liberties that don't fall in line with the party line.

This is but one small step away from the Gestapo/DHS showing up at your door in the middle of the night to search your house. Seriously - I'm not at all going for melodrama when I say this. We as a nation have lost our rights, and no one seems to give a fuck. What will it take to make the sheep of this nation realize that we are all at risk of losing everything?