Saturday, May 24, 2008

What's Wrong With Hillary?

I've been trying to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt about some of her comments, her choice in advisers, and her politics in general, but every time she says something it makes me wonder if she's really playing with a full deck.

The other day she was
blaming her problems in the campaign on sexism. This seems to me an act of desperation - Hillary, you are a senator from New York, one of the most influential states in the nation. Did you get elected to that position despite sexism? I think it's insulting that she's chosen to turn herself - and by extension all women who are in important positions in politics and business - into a victim. Playing the "Sexism" card is the same as if Obama were to play the "Racism" card. Now does anyone think that it's easier for a black to get elected than a white woman? I sure as hell don't.

Of course, there have been some morons out in the media who've made sexist remarks about Clinton, but they are not the ones setting the tone of the entire campaign landscape. Rather, they are simply a few idiots who are voicing opinions that most intelligent, thinking people don't give consideration. The morons don't matter because there are at least as many who won't vote for Barack because he's a "nigger" - please note that I'm not calling Obama this, just using the word for effect to show how many people unfortunately will think of him.

Now the latest dumb move off Clinton's is bringing the assassination of RFK into this as some sort of justification for her to continue her campaign despite all the signs. It's appalling that she'd even think this, let alone say it publicly. In essence, she said that she's going to stay in the race to the bitter end because just like RFK was assassinated in June of his campaign, Obama might be too.

WTF??? Hillary, that's just twisted thinking.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Feet and Loathing

Rant time! Now that summer is almost here, one of my biggest issues with people is starting again - disgusting, dirty, ugly feet on display all summer long.

I HATE seeing peoples feet. Especially given the fact that most people are less than appealing physically, and that when wearing flip-flops or sandals, or going barefoot, their feet are dirty. Not to mention the fact that many times people have some sort of gross foot disorder like nail fungus or that dry flaky skin on the edges of the heels, or corns or bunions or whatever else.

Feet should be ensconced in socks and shoes or sneakers. The ONLY feet that aren't disgusting to look at belong to little babies, and foot models. Everyone else, please keep those ugly feet to yourselves. Yuck!

Monday, May 12, 2008

End Times A'comin'

Earthquakes in China. Cyclones in Myanmar. Bushes in the White House. This really may be the End Times. If so, I better find me some religion quick. But which one?

If I go just by numbers, Christians are the most popular clique on the planet. Muslims are closing, followed closely by those tenacious Hindus. My group, the god damned Atheists, is at the back of the pack, although we are pounding the shit out of those zany Zoroastrians.

Looking at this chart, makes me wonder where some of the other religions of the world have gone. This list courtesy of Wikipedia shows dozens of them. It's interesting that most of them are called "mythology" as they are really old, and not followed by lots of sheep...I mean people. How many years will it take before Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are considered myth? Who knows, maybe some pygmy tribe deep in the jungles of New Guinea really has the one true religion. Or maybe it was the Norsemen and their gods, or the Egyptians and their pantheon. Damn, maybe I can hedge my bets and sign up with ALL of them, just to cover my ass when the Day of Reckoning puts the hurt on all we sinners.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Some horse needs to be euthanized at a race and all these people get upset - the animal lovers who are saddened by the death of a livestock animal, and the animal lovers who are upset that animals are raced or eaten or used for work. It's a horse. It's basically no different than a cow or a pig except it's "cuter" and can run like a son-of-a-bitch.

I like cows and pigs, and chickens too. I've never been saddened by the thought that we kill these animals to eat them, any more than I'd be saddened by the thought that a bear kills fish, a tiger kills a gazelle, or a hawk kills a mouse.

If we all want to get upset about a horse, that's fine. It's just as wrong as racing greyhounds, but because it's a billion dollar industry for the ultra rich rather than the white-trash milieu of dog-racing, people don't scrutinize horse racing. So either stop horse racing altogether, along with dog racing and bull fighting and big-game hunting, or do it and realize that basically people don't give a fuck about animals if they can make shitloads of money on them.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Cars, Gas, and Oil and Obscene Profits

Lots of stuff in the news of course about the insane price of a gallon of gas. Just the other day, there was a
report about BP's "obscene" profit, up 48% and Shell's 12% profit.

It's good to see that some people are not suffering with the skyrocketing price of gas. It's good to know that our money spent on gas is lining the pockets of the already wealthy and making them 48% more wealthy. Now I have nothing against capitalism, but when big business is getting incredibly rich while the customers they profit from are being bled dry, there's a problem.

If BP were to make say a 10% profit and we could buy a gallon of gas for $2.00, wouldn't everyone be happy? They make billions, we buy gas at an affordable price. Everyone wins. Dream on...

This of course is all part of the larger issue of cars and gas mileage. When you think that we're using a 19th century technology to power 21st century vehicles, you start to see the scope of the problem. In the 125 years or so since Karl Benz (you know, of Mercedes Benz - that guy) made the first gas powered vehicle, we haven't advanced the technology very far.

Sure the car of the 21st century looks a lot different and has a few more creature comforts, but the engine is basically not that advanced from 19th century engineering principles.

You'd think that in the last 50, 40, or even 20 years, we'd be able to increase mileage by orders of magnitude. Our cars today get about the same mileage as the cars our parents drove in the 1960's. Somethings wrong with that. That "something" is the oil industry.

We've all heard stories about the 100mpg carburetor that was quashed by Detroit automakers. It's the oil industry that's held technology for cars back 100 years because 20mpg cars are great for them. If engine technology had advanced like many other things, such as medicine, and electronics, we'd be getting 200mpg. That would be great for the consumer, but terrible for BP, Shell, and Exxon.

So next time you're filling up the tank at $3.70 a gallon, ask yourself again why we're using 19th century tech in the 21st century.