Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Attack on Non-Christian Americans

Thanks to Perrspectives for this piece on the furthering of the Christian Agenda in America -
CBS News Calls Secular America Immoral.

It is becoming ever more clear that in America, if you're not Christian, you're not welcome. Now, we who consider ourselves to be either Atheists or secularists are being called IMMORAL! Yes, that's right, those moral Christians:

with their child raping priests and Cardinals and Popes who hid those pedophiles;

the same Christians who start wars based on lies that kill hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children;

The same Christians whose leaders use methamphetamines and have gay sex with male prostitutes;

And the list could go on and on - Mark Foley, Rudy Giuliani, etc. A child abuser, an adulterer, well, you get the picture. These are men of high moral standing, but you secularists and Atheists out there are scum.

I've posted on this in the past, and this type of "report" reinforces my belief that America is being made into a place that is only for Christians. Don't be surprised if someday in the near future we non-Christians are forced to wear arm-bands in public.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Darth Nader

Now things are really getting ridiculous. Ralph Nader has once again entered the race as a candidate for president. Nader, you are an ass - go away! You haven't done anything at any time to qualify yourself as a viable candidate. Why are you doing this again?

Really, that's the question isn't it? Why is Nader running again? The only effect he has on an election is to help republicans by taking away votes from the democrats. So who put him up to this? Is anyone actually going to vote for him? He's a relic from the past who has zero relevance in today's politics. Stupid republican tool!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

NIU Tragedy

The shootings at Northern Illinois University that left 5 innocent students dead is another tragedy on one of our college campuses that never should have happened. I have written before about how it's far past the time our nation rethinks the outdated and irrelevant 2nd Amendment. This massacre is one more example of why we need to repeal it.

When Steven Kazmierczak burst into the classroom intent on killing as many people as he could, he was armed to the teeth. He didn't have one gun. Or two guns. He had four - a shotgun, a three pistols. But of course as we all know, "guns don't kill people, people kill people." That's of course the deranged mantra of gun lovers, that strange, inbred segment of our society that thinks that their "Right to bear arms" is more important than the right of the rest of us to live without fear of our children getting shot to death in school.

Just like after the massacre on the campus of Virginia Tech in which 32 kids were killed, there will be idiots from the right wing trying to blame everyone and everything but the actual root of the problem. It's so sad to think that those 32 students who were killed, and the 5 at NIU will have died and not one fucking thing will change to prevent this from happening again.

The idiot right wingers will blame the medication Kazmierczak was on (and apparently not taking anymore), they'll blame the university, the security guards, the professor and probably the innocent victims too. They will not however put the onus on the reality that anyone with the desire can legally buy weapons of mass destruction in the U.S. I know that sounds melodramatic, but it's not - these guns are WMDs. 9mm Glocks aren't designed for hunting quail. Assault rifles aren't designed for protecting our citizenry from the British troops. We have the world's most powerful military for that purpose and it's foolish to think that bands of militia men will repel any foreign invaders. This is the 21st century, not the 18th.

It leaves me so saddened and angry to think that if we would only mature as a nation and take away the "right" to own guns, we could prevent massacres of our children like this. Unfortunately, the fear-mongers and gun-nuts will prevail and hundreds more innocent people will probably die on campuses and in classrooms in the next few years because we can't do what's best for all of us. We get the society we deserve.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jane Fonda's "Cunt"

You've probably heard about Fonda saying "cunt" on TV the other day. The link goes to Huffington Post where there are clips of her saying it, and Meredith Viera apologizing for the horrible word. I can't get over how stupid we can be about words. You can't say cunt, fuck, and a few other things on network TV and radio because somehow these sounds are so awful that to simply hear them will cause irreparable harm to the listener.

Sounds are offensive; a few syllables strung together have such power that they must be BANNED! Yet, image after image of violence is not a problem. Watch TV for any short time and you'll see commercial after commercial for gruesomely violent crime shows, graphically violent dramas and of course movies. It's bizarre how violence is so promoted, but a few little words cause people to get in a lather when accidentally spoken on TV.

I don't watch much network TV, but I do like to watch sports and it never fails to amaze me the amount of violence shown during these games. Football games are watched by millions of people including many children. During the games commercials are shown that invariably show people pointing guns at each other, shooting, punching, crashes, explosions, etc. No one seems to be bothered by this wallowing in violence. But, imagine if some commercial showed a woman's naked boobs - people would flip out - especially the religious right. Show a guy getting his head blown off, no problem. Show tits? Fucking Armageddon!

I wish the "Today" show didn't make an apology over this. What does apologizing for a word mean or do? It treats us all like children. We're adults and we can hear a word like this used in a context that isn't meant to offend without getting outraged. Of course there are those out there who will immediately say "but what about the children?" in a whiny/self-righteous tone. First of all, most children under the age of 12 have no idea what that word is, and if they do, your problem isn't TV.

These are WORDS, sounds, nothing more. Words can have the power to make a difference of course, but that is when they are used in conjunction with concepts and ideas. The concepts and ideas may be offensive, but a word on it's own like cunt is really pretty innocuous. Making a big deal about it by apologizing gives that word a power it would never have if nothing was made of it. She didn't call anyone a cunt - she said it as the title of a play. Big deal. I guess we can go back to all the violence and shootings safe in the knowledge that someone is making sure that we are safe from the dreaded mighty cunt.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Huckabee Still In The Race

I was a bit premature in thinking that Huckabee was on the verge of dropping out of the presidential race. Yesterday was "Super Tuesday" - what a stupid name - and Mike Huckabee did quite well, unfortunately.

His base is of course the extremely conservative evangelical Christian Right. Here's a quote from Huckabee;

"The conservatives are in the South, and the conservative base of the Republican Party, I'm winning it. And there's just no way to argue that,"
Huckabee said in the AP interview. "Romney had to be able to show that he was really pulling those conservative votes, and he's not."

Preliminary exit polling from 16 states showed that white, born again, evangelical Christians split across the three leading Republican candidates, with one-third supporting Huckabee and the rest evenly divided between McCain and Romney.

The last paragraph there is pretty much all you need to understand - the majority of white, born again, evangelical Christians are supporting him. This is almost entirely a phenomenon of the South, where religious beliefs run strong and extreme, and education has always taken a backseat to the bible. This is exactly what scares me about my country.

In some ways I find myself wishing that the United States had divided into two separate countries in the aftermath of our Civil War. One country being the Union states, mainly the industrialized North, and the other being comprised of the losing Confederate states. It would have been a quicker route to the destination we're apparently heading towards almost 150 years later.

That destination is a nation created entirely by and for evangelical Christians. A nation where non-white, non-Christians will be second class citizens at best, and slaves ideally. Remember the big reason for the Civil War was Abolition. There's no doubt in my mind that "true" Southerners want to reestablish the glory of their forefathers by bringing slavery back, among other things.

So Huckabee appeals to this type of Southerner very much. He appeals to people who live in fear of the unknown, of the different, of anything not quotable in their bibles; non-Christians, non-whites, science, education, justice, equality, and more are all things that make these people uneasy.

I worry about what would happen should a man like Huckabee become president. I worry about the path our nation is on that such a thing is a possibility. When we as a nation are more supportive of fear, hate, intolerance, inequality and ignorance, than of courage, love, tolerance, equality, and knowledge, then we are truly lost. I only hope I'm wrong about this.