Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whittling Down the Bastards

Yesterday, Ru-A-dolph Giuliani dropped out of the presidential race. I admit that some months ago my paranoid fears got the best of me and I thought that he was indeed going to be our next s-elected Fascist-in-Chief. So there's a bit of relief and even rejoicing going on for me about this. Of course, McCain and Romney are still there, so all's not yet well.

John Edwards is gone too, but I don't consider him a bastard. He would have been a decent president, but he had zero chance. Why? Too nice, too young, too principled. I really don't see him as the type of politician to make it in the cut-throat environment of Washington.

Now the wait is on for Huckabee to drop out. I can't wait. There's some sort of relief in the realization that Americans aren't flocking towards the lunatic religious right. Maybe there's hope yet? I will wait and see on that.

Back to McCain and Romney. McCain is almost certainly insane, and the sad thing is that it's probably due to his being a POW and tortured. No one should ever go through what he and many others did, and he of all people should be speaking out loudly and clearly against our policies on torture. Yet he's not. He's guaranteeing that we'll have more wars if he's elected. Great. Sorry McCain, but you are clearly deranged and need to retire peacefully somewhere.

Romney is even worse though. "But Dave", you're saying, he's so handsome, so presidential, and he's got a cool name - Mitt - too. "How can he be worse than McCain?" Glad you asked. Here's why-
McCain is at the least genuine. Veins-in-his-teeth, war-mongering crazy, but goddamn he stands for something. Romney is a plastic mannequin. He has no soul, no solid belief in anything that he can't wriggle away from as soon as it's beneficial. Romney is a prostitute basically. Pay him and he'll turn tricks for you. I believe that McCain wouldn't sell himself for something he doesn't believe in, although what he believes in is scary and dangerous.

As for Kucinich, well, we hardly got to know him. The debates ignored him, as did most of the media, which is shameful. The guy had great vision and his principles were sound. I wanted him to be my president, but it wasn't to be. Maybe in 2012.

Now let's just get rid of Huckabee, Romney, and McCain and we'll be making real progress. And please, someone, tell that fucking idiot Ralph Nader to go away. He's almost as big a phony as Mitt.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anti-Abortion Protesters Real Agenda

What's really going on with the anti-abortionists in this country? This video on YouTube provides a pretty good clue. In it, a bunch of anti-abortionist protesters are asked quite simply what should happen to women who get abortions if it is illegal. The answers are amazing, because none of them had any real thoughts on a theoretical penalty.

Most of them said they'd never really given any thought to how women should be penalized for having illegal abortions. Interesting. It seems to me that the real purpose of their protests isn't so much a concern about the legality or illegality of a particular act. There's something deeper going on there.

I think the real purpose of the anti-abortionists is to impose their religious beliefs on all of us. Abortion is a convenient and sympathetic vehicle to this end. No one wants to kill babies, right? But babies and fetuses and embryos and conception aren't really the point.

How can you work for a cause for YEARS without thinking about the effect said cause would have on the people it's aimed at? Either these anti-abortionists just don't give a flying rat's ass about victims of rape, incest, underage sex, etc., OR they have an ulterior motive. I go for the ulterior motive idea.

If they really cared about women (which it's obvious they don't) and babies, they'd have been able to give lucid, reasoned answers to a simple question. What they want is to establish their biblical ideals of how the world should be for all of us. The woman at the end said that god called her to be there at the protest. When the interviewer started to ask when god actually called, she got all scared, crossing herself to ward off his evilness and walked away quickly. I guess when god calls on you, he doesn't expect you to actually stand your ground and defend your beliefs.

For all you women who might be reading this, how do you feel about the idea that if these people get their way, you, your daughter, sister, whoever, may someday find themselves in a back-alley "clinic" getting a coat hanger shoved inside them? Is this progress? Is this what women have fought for so hard all these years to have the freedom to choose what to do with your own bodies? As we see with the women in the video, even they don't really believe that having an abortion is a crime. They just want their god and their beliefs set as the way for all of us to live.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Truly Scary Extremism in America

Mike Huckabee is insane. OK, that's out of the way. His political views are polluted by his religious beliefs, which is fine as long as he never holds any elected office. You have the right to be fucking nuts.

Where I get really worried and more than a little scared is when I see shit like this -

You've got your religion in my government!

In this video clip Huckabee proclaims his intention and desire to change the Constitution to fit God's standards. Basically it's a call to create a faith-based Constitution to direct the course of a Christian nation. This goes against EVERYTHING the Founding Fathers created the Constitution for!

The scary thing isn't so much Huckabee's insanity. There are millions of nuts in the world. What's really scary about this is that the guy has supporters. "Normal" Americans like your next door neighbors, your co-workers, your classmates, your relatives, who believe like he does that this country needs a government based on Christianity.

Huckabee's views are especially disturbing as he is one of the truly batshit-crazy-fucking-nuts-insane ones who belief that we are in the "end days". Arma-fucking-geddon, Rapture, blaring trumpets, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria type crazy. This guy wants to be PRESIDENT...the guy with 10,000 nuclear weapons at his disposal. Yeah, scary is a good goddamned word for it.

Ask yourself this; If a guy in position to bring about the one thing he desires more than anything else in the world, the one thing he believes his god has ordained and promised him, do you think he'll use his position to make that happen?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

No Church in Our Schools!

Why is it so hard for Christians to understand that school is not church? Are they stupid? Are they ignorant? Maybe it's just that they don't give a damn about the constitution and separation of church and state.

This article describes a fight over the distribution of bibles to school kids in the schools. Clearly, to anyone with half a brain, this is a blatant violation of the separation of church and state. If you read the article, you'll see that this isn't a new practice - it's been ongoing for around the last 30 years or so. Finally some intelligent parents sued the school district to get the illegal proselytizing stopped, but the Christians were allowed to continue their mission by the school district due to some shady loopholes. That has all thankfully been stopped.

What is the problem with the Christians in this country? Do they feel it's their duty to convert everyone to their faith? Obviously they must, or this type of bullshit wouldn't be happening. Christians, I ask YOU, leave your religion in your churches where it belongs. You can teach your children anything you like in your homes, and you can take them to church to learn more, but stop trying to turn our PUBLIC schools into indoctrination centers for your churches.

Non-Christians aren't going into your churches and giving away atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Buddist, or other propaganda. We non-Christians don't feel the need to convert you (well maybe some Islamic radicals, but they're no different than Christian Fundamentalists) or turn your children to our beliefs. Stop trying to do so to us. Leave us alone! Enjoy your faith, believe what you want, but you can't force or sneak your beliefs in to our public schools.

This is NOT a Christian nation, despite the claims made by some of your more rabid spokespeople. If you find this shocking, or hard to believe, I suggest you educate yourself on the Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11. Google it if you've never heard of it, and then you will have some interesting new topics to discuss at church. See? Our nation is a nation for EVERYONE! Not just for you guys.