Monday, September 01, 2008

Gestapolice State America

So it has come to this: Dozens Detained Ahead of Convention. The article from the NY Times details arrests, illegal searches, and intimidation of innocent people who may or may not have been planning to protest the RNC in St. Paul. This is NOT America anymore people! This is something out of a fascist handbook, a totalitarian police state, a Nazi government.

It has now gotten to the point in George fucking W. Bush's nation that riot police will smash down our doors and search our homes, arrest us, and detain us because they think we might be planning to engage in our Constitutional given right to peacefully protest and freely express our speech. What is this?! When will the book burnings begin? When will the gays, Jews, communists and other "undesirables" be rounded up and shipped out?

Is this the image of the Republican Party, the vision they have for America -

The people that were detained by the Gestapo/police in St. Paul had their computers taken, their homes searched, and they were detained without charge, all for doing what we are all allowed to do, at least in theory. The trampling of our Constitution continues, the erosion of our Bill of Rights continues, and the American people continue to do nothing to stop it. Awareness is key, voting for Obama is key, taking back our country from these fucking neocon fascist bastards that have fucked us and the world for these past eight years is key! Talk to people, let them know what's going on. Turn off the TV and pay attention to political matters - the Rights you save may be your own!

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