Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympic Stupidity, Greed and Abuse

I am not and will not be watching the Olympics. Between the forced fake political chuminess that happens every 4 years, and the inevitable political, human, and drug-related scandals that will occur, I just don't find this interesting as a sport event. What is interesting is the incredible shallowness and commercialism on display for all the world to marvel over.

One of the stupidest examples of this is the Beach Volleyball event. Women in teeny tiny bikinis play volleyball in sand. As an Olympic event. Riiiight. Now tell me, could this be a popular sport if the athletes wore shorts and shirts as they do in regular volleyball? Of course not. I think it would be interesting to see if they played in swimwear from a more chaste era -

But then there'd be no ratings, no advertisers, nothing for people to leer over and fantasize about while pretending to really care about the beauty of the game and the competitiveness of those gritty young ladies.

For that matter, why aren't all the women's Olympic events played in skimpy little bikinis? And let's not be sexist here, the men should wear skimpy little bottoms too - wouldn't that be fun to see in the boxing ring and on the basketball court?

See this is what I find so stupid about the modern Olympics; the blatant disregard for the spirit of the Games. Olympic games should be classic contests of athleticism, not merely a showcase for whatever new passing fancy is in vogue. Limit the events to track and field, swimming, gymnastics, boxing, and wrestling. Of course there'd be no one watching, but is this really so bad compared to the situation now?

We have one sport in particular - "Womens" gymnastics - where the athletes are practically forced to stunt their physical development through diuretics, laxatives, eating disorders and intimadation. The top "women" in this sport are 14-16 years old and are washed up by their late teens. Not to mention the dirty little secret of sexual abuse that is well known to happen by some of the coaches of these "women".

So we have an event that features pubescent young "women" flauncing around in tight, revealing costumes, and an event that features real women flauncing around in the sand showing their asses in tight, revealing bikinis. Is any of this really fooling anyone into thinking that people watch this as legitimate sport? Don't be surprised if in the near future we have Olympic events like the Double-ended Dildo Tug-O-War, the Stripper-Pole Vault, and Womens Synchronized Orgasm.


Dean Wormer said...

"Women's Synchronized Orgasm"

I know you have a good point and agree 100% but if they added an event like that I would be in Beijing at the moment.

Just saying.

grumpylion said...

Nah, the Olympics is straight up compared to the real sports crime - the Little League World Series.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait I'd like to start a church of pornography to get the word out there about the 2012 Sexlympics.