Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Damn, what a sight for sore eyes!!

As a Rhode Islander, I felt so proud to see this billboard recently. It's on the Northbound side of I-95 just as you're coming in to Providence. Rhode Island has always had an independent spirit, going back to before the war for Independence when a group of Rhode Islanders burned the Gaspee in Bristol Harbor


It's great to see that the spirit that our forefathers had is being carried on today. Go Sheeler, go Rhode Island, Go Democrats! And lastly, I'd just like to see George go, all the way back to Texas.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More Abu Ghraib Abuses Revealed

The U.S. is a bit touchy that those dastardly Aussies dared release pictures of our soldiers abusing Iraqi POWs.


Yeah, I guess Bush and his gang of miscreants probably don’t care much for the world seeing how little regard they have for those pesky things called the Geneva Conventions. About as much regard as they have for that pesky, outdated little piece o’ paper called the Constitution.

Bush must be wondering what all the fuss is about. Why won’t the rest of the world just recognize his right to be the supreme authority on planet earth? First it was the French and their refusal to play along with King W’s plans for world domination. Then some rabble rouser down somewhere in one of those South American banana republics started yelling about Bush. It got really bad when Harry Belafonte got involved. And now those kangaroo loving, boomerang throwing Aussies start releasing naughty pictures of Rumsfeld’s clusterfuck. Can’t they just stick to crocodile hunting?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney's Got a Gun

To me, it looks like he’s thinking about bird hunting. Or maybe shooting his ol’ buddy in the face with some buckshot. It’s easy to do – birds and 78 year old men are easily confused.

Maybe it’s just Cheney’s gun lust, http://tinyurl.com/648ee , for it must be a real love of killing to shoot pen-raised animals. A true hunter, our Dick.

Now, the big issue is why there was such a big delay (not Tom) in getting the word out about Dick’s misadventure with his shootin’ iron. http://tinyurl.com/8ru7f

Why would it take 22 hours or so to notify the world that Big Dick accidentally almost blew some old codger’s head off? In a hunting accident, isn’t one of the first things you should do is to notify the authorities? Of course, seeing as Dick is the Vice President, maybe he thought he was the authorities and didn’t need to notify anyone else. Typical thinking for those “I’m above the law” Neo-cons that have taken over the White House.

Is it possible that Grumpy Dick didn’t have a license to shoot a gun, and that was the cause for the big delay? Why is there so much secrecy surrounding the country’s most powerful Dick? What is he trying to hide?

Why is the White House covering up whatever really did happen? http://tinyurl.com/ba35q

Can Scotty “Pudge” McClellan ever simply tell us the truth? This administration seems to be populated completely by pathological liars. Bush lies, Cheney lies, Rice, Rumsfeld, and on and on it goes. Liars!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Peace Loving Muslims

Muslim Protests Turn Deadly - What a shock!


Let's take a look at this for a moment;

A Danish newspaper prints a cartoon depicting Mohammed wearing a turban with a bomb on it. Ok, I can see the point the cartoonist was trying to make - that much of the world sees Islam, and by extension Muslims, as a religion that promotes violence. So the Muslims of the world take offense to this obviously untrue characterization. And they vent their anger by...

VIOLENTLY protesting, burning embassies, chanting for the deaths of Danes and Americans, and doing EXACTLY what the cartoon was saying they do. I wonder if the Koran has a chapter on irony...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

WAR! Coming soon to Iraq?

WAR! Coming soon to Iran?

Today on the news, Senator McCain was discussing the option of war in regard to Iran and their nuclear program. As if war is only an “option.” War is the first and only choice for our war-mongering bastards in power. They’ve been praying for such a situation as is developing now with Iran, praying to their Christian god of love and tolerance. I think that their god only has love and tolerance for white, heterosexual Christian men. Thank god I’m an atheist.

If Iran wants a nuclear program, let them have it. First of all, who the fuck are we (the God-approved United States of King George) to tell any other country what they can or can’t have? I think we’ve killed more innocent women and children around the world than any government in Iran ever has. Secondly, Iran is a backward nation without the ability to launch an ICBM, nuclear or not. If, and that’s a very big if, they ever get close to that ability, I’d bet that Israel would be much more in tune with the threat and remove it. It would be very much like when Israel destroyed the Iraqi nuclear plant in the 1981. Thirdly, the Iranians would probably blow themselves up if they ever got a nuclear weapon. These people are sdrawkcab.

Now that I’ve probably drawn the ire and wrath of the wonderfully tolerant and peaceful Muslims, let me say a little about their outrage over a Danish cartoon depicting Mohammed. Here’s a little background on the controversy for those who have been blissfully ignorant;


So the Muslims are pissed that there was a cartoon showing their prophet. Now how do they peaceful and tolerant followers of Islam react? With violent protests and setting the Danish embassy in Syria ablaze. You must remember that the word ‘Islam’ means peace. How appropriate. Islam is the religion that states that anyone who renounces Islam is to be beheaded. Islam is the religion that believes in Jihad, and that all non-Muslims are infidels. What is the way you deal with an infidel? You KILL them! Thank goodness Muslims are tolerant people. Of course, there’s also Shari’a, which is Islamic law. Women are routinely stoned to death for infidelity. Women aren’t allowed the same rights as men, or even as certain animals. Pigs are treated with greater respect in Islam than are women. Wonderful religion.

Now, I’m not at all for a war with Iran, or any other Muslim nation. I don’t like their religion, even less than I like the one our government sponsors here in the U.S., but I believe they should be able to practice whatever form of lunacy they choose. My only hope is that they remain tolerant and peaceful so that we may all coexist on this earth. In the event that they don’t though, I can see the need for military options, but that should be a last option, not the first choice.