Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Immigration Blues

Immigration Blues

Lately all the attention on the problems at the Mexican/U.S. border has been prompting lots of discussion in Washington and around the country. What should the United States do about the illegal immigrants? I think there’s plenty we could do.

First, I want to be perfectly clear that I am all in favor of LEGAL immigration. My father is an immigrant to this country. My maternal grandfather was an immigrant. This country was built on the labor and sweat of millions of immigrants.

What I’m opposed to is illegal immigration. The problem is that illegal immigration is a huge boon to the rich and powerful that largely rule this country. Big business loves illegal immigrants – they are cheap, undocumented workers who don’t get benefits. We’ve all heard story upon story of rich people with illegal immigrant nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, etc. Basically, this is a form of slavery and it benefits a very small portion of our population.

The government has no intention of preventing these state-sponsored slaves from getting to the U.S. If it did, there would be preventive measures in place that actually worked. How about cracking down on companies that hire illegals? Wal-Mart, you are among the worst for this. A little slap on the wrist to the biggest company in the world means nothing. Start putting executives in charge of policy in jail!

So what do we do about our porous borders? Here are a few ideas. Of course they’re a bit on the extreme side, but hey, they’ll work.

  • Shoot to kill. Yes, not very humane, but is it worse than allowing hundreds of people to die in trailer trucks in the desert every year? Shoot a few of the illegal immigrants and leave their corpses to rot where they fall. The sight this should discourage more than a few from trying to enter illegally. The Neo-Cons would probably love this idea, as they could lump it in with Homeland Security and the War on Terror. One brown-skinned person is pretty much the same as another, right Georgie?

  • Build a freakin’ giant wall from California to Florida. Surely if the ancient Chinese could build a 2000 mile wall, we can. Hell, we can hire cheap immigrant labor to help build it and then when it’s done, toss ‘em off and back into Mexico.

  • Land mines. Yeah I know there’s that troubling little international ban on the devices, but so what – We’re ‘Merkins, right Georgie? We can pick and choose what laws we want to follow. Geneva Conventions? Who needs ‘em. Constitution? Doesn’t apply to a Theocracy.

  • Sharks with lasers. This one might be a bit out there.

Beyond the above ideas, there’s not much that can be done. Our government needs to pressure the Mexican government to work with us in stopping the problem, but that ain’t gonna happen. “W” and his cronies haven’t been able to fix any single problem they’ve encountered yet. Hell, “W” couldn’t even run his baseball team well. Or that oil company. Or his drinking problem. Or his drug problem. Or that little stint in the National Guard. But he’s a damn fine president!

The only way that illegal immigration can be solved is if “W” decides we need to invade Mexico. I mean liberate Mexico. Yeah, that’s it – liberate. After all, isn’t Mexico a terrorist haven? They had to have been involved in 9/11, at least as much as Iraq was. And the Mexicans are brown, just like the Iraqis. Look like terrorists to Neo-Cons. And Mexico has oil. So…we inv, err liberate Mexico and protect their oil assets from their rogue government. Then, we eventually make all Mexicans U.S. citizens, so there can’t be any illegal immigration, and we can continue to exploit a whole new population of brown-skinned people. Oh, they’re U.S. citizens you say. How can we treat them unfairly, you ask? Yeah, you’re right – there’s no such thing as racial discrimination in the U.S. My mistake.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bin Laden Is Dead

It’s important to understand just why the White House wants to have the world believe that Bin Laden is alive. If Bin Laden was indeed dead, then BushCo™ would have to quickly come up with a new EvilDoer™. Which is precisely what they’re trying to set up with Iran right now?

If there is no Bin Laden, who are we really fighting this War On Terror™ against? The Iraqi people? Saddam? Various Muslim Clerics? To perpetuate the War On Terror™ for an infinite period of time is undoubtedly a goal of the PNAC (Project for a New American Century – Google it).

Think about it – an infinite war, with oil as the prize. The Halliburtons of the world make out wonderfully from this, as do all the Neo-cons in control. They get to push their brand of American Fascism on the world all under the guise of fighting a never ending War On Terror. So as long as this is the goal, there will have to be terrorists to fight.

Saddam is gone from power. Can’t fight him. Can’t tangle with Kim Jong IL over in North Korea because that guy has nukes and the will to use them. Castro? He’ll be dead any day now. Communism’s gone too, except for China, and since they make every damn thing we buy and use here in the United States, we can’t fight them. So who do we fight? The Evil Doers. How convenient. The only problem is, we need a steady stream of terrorists to fight. Once we “get ‘em” all, as ‘W’ likes to say, the war’s over. That’s not good for the military-based economy we live in.

So why do I think Bin Laden’s dead? I believe the people in various government intelligence agencies that think he died in the carpet bombings of Tora Bora in Afghanistan. It’s been nearly 5 years since that time, and we’ve not had any indisputable communications from Bin Laden. Sure, there have been the occasional dubious audio tapes that purportedly are from him. Consider this – prior to 9/11, we had clear, indisputable video tapes from him making statements and threats. Since that attack on Tora Bora, we’ve had grainy, poor quality, videos and poor quality audio recordings. A whole cottage industry had sprung up for analyzing these tapes.

There has been much evidence that these tapes are frauds. I don’t claim to know for sure, but I suspect that this has been the case. The government would have us believe that Bin Laden is on the run and can’t do anything complex like making a good quality video tape. At the SAME TIME, they want us to believe that this guy living in caves in a primitive manner is capable of masterminding complex international acts of terrorism. How can both be true?

If Bin Laden were alive, and capable of masterminding such complex acts, wouldn’t he have a decent video camera available to him? I think that if he were alive, he’d have been making videos that show him and make specific mention of dates and events of recent days. He would mention things like the killings of American soldiers and how those deaths are glorious victories for his cause. He would mention the kidnapping of American journalists. He would mention many things that would place specific, identifiable dates and times to his recordings. Instead, we get these vague, nebulous recordings that could have been made years ago, or by other people posing as Bin Laden. It doesn’t add up when you start to look at the logic of it.