Friday, November 04, 2005

African-American or Black?

African-American or Black?

Can we do away with the clunky, out-dated term, African –American? Unless someone was born in an African nation, and then became an American citizen, this label is wrong.

The logic that people use in calling Blacks African-American means then that I should be referred to as Italian-German-American. But no, I’m simply and erroneously referred to as White. I’m actually more flesh colored, in the Crayola sense of the color, but you get my point.

Just what is so wrong with the term “Black” anyway? White people aren’t upset about being called white. We should be though. Think about it; snow is white, milk is white, paper is white. Put your hand on a piece of white paper. Is your hand white? Hell no!

From now on, all people should be called by their ancestral homeland and current nation. We’ll have Irish-Americans, Portuguese-French, Swedish-Israeli, Cuban-Canadian, and Japanese-Italian to go along with the African-Americans.

See how ridiculous this term really is?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Republican Hypocracy

Here's a link to an article by "The New Yorker" that describes a beautiful story of bestiality, child-rape, child prostitution and other depravity. It was written by Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

Yup, THE Scooter Libby. What's the big deal, you say? Well, the big deal is that this particular breed of republican that currently infests the White House has been pontificating for years about morals, church, religion, Jesus, and the utter lack of all of that on the part of the liberals.

These are the same people who feign moral indignation over internet porn, and are disgusted by gay marriage. Apparantly, though, child-rape and bestiality are ok with them. We already know that lying and corruption are part of their value system. I hope for Libby's sake that he fully enjoys sodomy as well, for once he gets to prison, he'll be indulging that desire too.