Monday, October 04, 2004

IQ Tests For Candidates

A lot of companies require potential employees to take some kind of aptitude/personality/IQ test. This makes sense. You want to know if the guy you're hiring handles stress well, or will go on in office shooting spree someday.

Why then, don't we have our political candidates take some sort of test? I would love to see the results of a test that Kerry and Bush would take. I wouldn't be surprised if Bush had trouble doing a test given to high school kids. After watching him in the debate the other night, I really saw for the first time that he has no clue about what's going on. Without advisors to feed him lines (not the white powdery kind), he is so clearly lost in a political conversation. He fell back on his simple-minded mantra of mocking Kerry's "wrong war, wrong time..." comments, over and over again.

Besides appearing to be stupendously stupid, Bush comes across as arrogant, condescending, and vacant. Great qualities in a president, no? Does the president have anything to offer other than scaring the public into voting for him because he can lead a "war on terror"? What do we have when the war is over? WILL the war ever end?

I understand that even daring to ask these questions is considered treasonous by our right-wing friends in this country, but I am as pro-American as I can be - I just happen to think that what our government is doing is wrong. It is still allowed to have a dissenting point of view in the U.S., isn't it?

Bush and his cronies are very reminiscent of the leaders in a little place called Germany circa 1928-9. Scare the people, blame their problems on a foreign people, take away civil liberties, and take control of the media. If Bush gets re-elected things are going to get really repressive in this country for anyone not white, male, Christian, and Republican.